Female Doctors Are Increasingly Joining the Fight Against the Pandemic and It’s Endearing!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, an increasing number of doctors are joining the fight against it. In Pakistan too, the medical force is proving to be a tough competition to the virus, and increasingly, more and more doctors attach themselves to the capable workforce every day!

However, amidst it all the heroic work happening, if there is one thing which has made us extra proud, it is to see a large number of female doctors coming to the forefront around the globe.

Quashing stereotypes that are put against female doctors, these heroes of the highest order are coming through to serve the nations at their worst time and are truly not giving up without a fight!

Who are some of these female doctors that we are super proud of? Diva has the lowdown…

This Female Doctor Who Is Braving The Odds And Fighting!

Doctors have proven they are not going to be afraid of the pandemic, and they have worked tirelessly to keep things afloat. One such example is Dr Mehek, who Mahira Khan posted about, who continues to help humanity!


This Female Doctor Not Losing Hope Despite The Worst Situation

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سرحد پہ جو وردی خاکی تھی اب اسکا رنگ سفید ہوا۔ 🏳 Being posted in ICU of Covid19 ward these few days have been mentaly and emotionaly exhausting. Everything is depressing here. Patients are getting worsed. Workload is increasing. Society who once used to call us butchers has started calling us heroes. We are constantly fighting a battle with our thoughts. Are we doing enough for our patients, for our family, for ourselves? We all know that if we get infected or die we will be replaced immediately by society and at the end it will only be us and our family who has to suffer. In this choas the only thing that boost my mood up is when our patients give us duas like “ Dr Sahiba Allah apko dono jahan main khush rakhay. “ I feel like getting paid on listening such duas .❤️ My message to all frontline workers is: 🧤 Don’t be depressed. 🧤take good care of your health by your own as in any case our system don’t provide us privileges. 🧤wear proper ppes (Yes its difficult to wear ppe all the time as in ppe you cant properly breath, can’t sit, can’t eat, can’t pee, can’t even properly see as the gargles and sheild becomes foggy and your face skin become bruised with tight masks) . 🧤keep disinfecting yourselves continuously. 🧤Don’t work beyond limits. Your life is precious both for your family and our society. 🧤Dont expect anything from society. Only expect your rewards from Allah. . . . . . . . . #dawndotcom #etribune #doctorblog #islamic_republic_of_pakistan #momsofinstagram #pakistanacultureapart #flashh_pakistan #LetsExplorePakistan #ShukriyaPakistan #PicturePakistan #ramzan #Iftar #storiesofpakistan #creative_pakistan #picturepakistan #medicalblogger #doctorblog #urdupoetry #urdushaeri #urdu #followforfollow #kolachiwalay #socialpakistani #doctorsorbit #vscopk #medicalblog #Creativedistancing #dawnnewstv #coronaheroes

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It’s a daunting task to keep your sanity intact during the worst of situations, and the doctors have proven they are doing that with all their might!


This Female Doctor Who Wants Acknowledgement For The Janitorial Staff! 


Along with doctors and medical staff, there are many others on the frontline who are assisting them and once such example is the janitorial staff! We must thank each and every person who has come forward in these trying times, for they are the real heroes!

This Female Doctor Who Is Thanking Her Father For His Support

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My father has always been an inspiration for me, my lifeline, my support system, and a hero on the frontline making me more stronger to be on the frontline in this Pandemic! 🌟 Let anything happen — good or bad. But don't let yourself be submerged by what happens. The mind must learn that beyond the moving mind there is the background of awareness, which does not change. The mind must come to know the true self and respect it and cease covering it up, like the moon which obscures the sun during solar eclipse. Just realize that nothing observable, or experienceable is you, or binds you. Take no notice of what is not yourself. You are aware anyhow, you need not try to be. What you need is to be aware of being aware. Be aware deliberately and consciously, broaden and deepen the field of awareness. You are always conscious of the mind, but you are not aware of yourself as being conscious. ⚡ . . 🚩 💭 "There is no me". Easy words to memorise, repeat, lecture and argue about. But what are the real implications of this realisation? In realising that there is no separate person here at all, that who I really am is the vast, open, infinitely spacious, non-located capacity for every thought, sensation, feeling, sound, even pain, and that what I am is inseparable from this moment… well then, everything is seen to be deeply embraced, held, admitted here, deeply allowed into what I am. There is no 'inbetween' anymore, and never was. There is no self-image to defend (not even the image "there's nobody here" or "awakening has happened to no-one"), no way of blocking life out, total openness to what is, cosmic humility and awe in the face of this moment. This is not a prescription or achievement or goal for a separate self, but a description of who you ALREADY ARE beyond the story. We vow to stay upbeat and positive to take each day in stride. We will continue our loving ways with the upmost compassion and pride! 💫 #covid19 #corona #onthefrontline #heroes #doctorliife #creativedistancing #lockdown #doctor #pandemic #doctormotivation #hospital #quarantine #womeninmedicine #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing #digeratipk #hijabiblogger #me #lifestyleblogger #hijabootd

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Pakistan has a large number of doctors who graduate each year, and behind them are the countless voices of support who have let these dreams come alive! This truly is the time to thank for being pillars of love and support of dreams!


These Female Doctors From All Around Who Have Proven They Are The Real Heroes

Female doctors around the globe have proven they are equal to their counterparts despite facing a myriad of stereotypical hostilities, and this pandemic only makes the naysayers take their words back! They are brilliant at what they do and prove we need more female doctors in our medical force!


This Female Doctor Who Lost Her Life On The Frontline But She Will Never Be Forgotten!

The pandemic has taken away many invaluable lives, and some of them have been the doctors who have fought on the frontline! We’ll never forget the sacrifices they have made for the world and humanity, and truly they’ll remember the heroes who deserve all our thoughts, prayers, and support!


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