People can’t stop making memes on Maria B and it’s getting out of control!

Maria B has become one of the favourite memes of the netizens after she released a 20 minute long video clarifying the situation as to why her husband was caught by the police, providing top notch meme fodder to the trolls. The internet just can’t stop churning out memes after memes and they’re all nothing but relatable!

*pretending to think*

Yeh amiyan bhi na!

Ghazab ho gaya!

Ya Allah!

Haye, been there!

Yeh kya kerdiya meine 😔

Girl, run! 😂


Ab kerke dikhao infect!

Bigar gaya hai larka:

Pretty sure all siblings can relate:




The more we sit home, the more we feel the symptoms lol:

Some loved how she put her power to some use at least:


Haw haye!

Yeh toh bara masla ho gaya:

Koi KFC kholdo yar:

Mums and their belief on Whatsapp remedies:


Psy psy!

Bechari lungs:

We just can’t 😂

Uh oh:


Yeh cup yahan kyun rakha hai:

Koi haal nahi:

What memes did you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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