Look Bolder And Daring With Rivaj HD Eyeliners And Mascaras

“It’s in the eyes, Always the eyes!”, and how true is that!

Putting eyeliner and mascara can enhance the beauty of your routine makeup or glam look in an instant but it’s not just that! A right product and the right technique is a must to achieve that perfect eye look you always desired and wanted.

Have you ever been stuck while applying your eyeliner or mascara and thought you will never be able to do that by yourself? Well Wrong! You surely can with Rivaj HD eyeliners and mascaras to bring out the beauty in your eyes!

Rivaj HD is well-reputed for offering a wide range of variety in all of their makeup products, especially their HD eyeliners and mascaras. If you like to prefer pencil-eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners or colored eyeliners, you have surely got the right place.

Applying eyeliners and mascaras is a whole science and we have got some tips and tricks for you that will surely upgrade your eyeliner and mascara game up! So, are you ready to get your hands on some applicable and helpful tips? Because we are!

Confessions of your makeup – how’d you get those perfect looking eyes with Rivaj HD eyeliners and mascaras? 

Tip 1: Apply Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are a bit tricky! Because they are built-in liquid form and it takes a few more seconds than regular eyeliners, however, if you have Rivaj HD Dip Eyeliner Black, there is no need to worry! You can apply this and have long-lasting, non-smudging eyeliner with a fast-drying formula.

This method is applicable for applying all types of eyeliners you might be using, be it pencil eyeliners, colored eyeliners or liquid eyeliners. If you do not prefer to use liquid eyeliners, Rivaj HD has a wide variety of eyeliners and you can choose your favorite one from there!

Step 1: Right Posture

The top on our list is the right posture! Yes, that’s right! The right posture will help you apply eyeliner in one go and you will be able to avoid any mistakes you might have made in the past. It would be great if you could sit at your table and make efficient use of that table mirror

Now, adjust your table mirror and place your right hand firmly on the table. The next thing is to tip your head slightly back and look down into your table mirror. You need to make sure that your hand is steady and at ease at the same time because the right posture of your hand will ensure smooth strokes.

Step 2: Recognize and apply eyeliner to eyelid areas and strokes

There are two main areas you need to keep in mind while applying any kind of eyeliner; Mid-point and inner corner. You can start applying your eyeliner from both parts, whichever one you feel more comfortable to start with. Now, grab your eyeliner brush, dip it in and start stroking a thin line with the inner corner of your lash line, keep on going, when you reach the middle point dap your Rivaj HD Dip eyeliner to make it a bit thicker and repeat this process until you reach the endpoint!

Step 3: Handy tip

Once you finish applying the eyeliner, look for any bumps and dab the eyeliner to fill in any gaps left. If you can still see bumps, you can use a cotton swab and dip it in Rivaj Brightening Micellar water, gently drag it across the line to remove all bumps and you’re done! Many congratulations as you have just finished the perfectly looking eyeliner with Rivaj HD eyeliners, your ultimate solution to have perfect eyes!

Change your eye game to the next level with HD Mascaras and turn loose false extensions!

Many assume that applying mascara is no big deal, simply just grab the brush and give some strokes. Surely it works for the masses but you are a special one for us and we want to give out a special trick to you so that you can be daring with your eyes to go with Rivaj HD mascaras & eyeliners. Here we go!

Step 1: Curl the lashes

First thing first, always curls! Use your curler to curl the eyelashes slowly and smoothly without hurting yourself. Now, this is ordinary, isn’t it? The trick here is to warm up your curler before using it on your eyelashes. Grab your hairdryer and warm the curler, make sure it’s not too hot or cold and then curl your lashes. The difference is huge! This will help to hold your lashes being curled for a long time as well as it will lengthen the length of your eyelashes.

Step 2: Choose Right Mascara!

The next step is the Rivaj HD mascara application, you can choose any type of mascara from Rivaj HD’s huge range but we will highly recommend using Bold Lash Super Volume Mascara, Big Eyes Magical Maximizer Mascara, Chubby Lash Jumbo Brush Mascara.

Step 3: Make use of that Lash Primer

Now, here is a question, you will simply apply your mascara on eyelashes, wouldn’t you? Wait, stop! Make use of a lash primer before directly applying the mascara. You should choose a black lash primer to get that bold look with our Rivaj HD Mascaras!

A lash primer not only helps with a bold look but will also help to keep your lashes from clumping together. It will also help with lengthening your natural lashes and thickening them for volume. You need to apply it in the same manner as you would with mascara.

Step 4: Mascara Application 

Now, the warning comes first, do not apply your mascara on top of your eyelashes ever! It will make it sticky and clumpy. Gently open your mascara, tilt it on one side to remove excess liquid on the wand and avoid clumping. Now, apply your mascara only to the bottom part of your lashes and not on top of it. Let it dry for a few seconds and then you need to grab your Curler once again and curl your lashes one more time. Once done, grab your Rivaj HD’s Eyebrow pencil with a comb and use the comb part to separate your eyelashes.

Step 5: Final Magical Strokes!

Once you move onto the final step, get your hands on Rivaj HD’s Mini Kajal or Waterproof Kajal herbal. Take hold of your eyelids on the upper side and apply kajal on the inner side of your eyelids. It will give you the look of a lash band. Finally, use Rivaj volume express mascara and apply it on your lower lashes.

Following these tips will surely change your eye game to the next level with Rivaj HD eyeliners and mascaras! You are all set to go and rock the event!

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