Language only 90s kids will understand

If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ve seen it all! And now you’ve also grown into the whiny adult you’d never thought you’d be, thinking how things have drastically changed for the kids these days. Today we’re taking you back to the phrases only the 90s kids will understand!


  1. Bill Batori Naasan Chaurhi

Originating from the iconic character of Bill Batori in Ainak Wala Jinn, this phrase was one of the most used by the 90’s kids back in the days!


  1. Jo Bolta Hai Wohi Hota Hai

The ultimate comeback to any insult was jo bolta hai wohi hota hai, and you just can’t beat that!


  1. Kho kho

Aaah! The game that made so many fight, from dividing into two teams to arguing whether paala hua hai ya nai, we all grew up!


  1. Puggam Puggayi

Daam kispe aani hai, yeh decide kerte the hum puggam se, the kids today will never know how fun puggam was!


  1. Baraf Pani

A very convenient lesson of solids and liquids in the form of baraf pani was one of our favourite games to play! Aray, muhay toh pani karo koi!


  1. Aa gaya hai kyun Kakul mere jaisa bloody fool

A classic dialogue from Sunehre Din was on everyone’s lips whenever something went wrong!


  1. Cassette rewind kerna

Kids today will never know the struggles of finding the perfect duration of rewinding a cassette to listen to your favourite song without having to listen to others!


  1. Antenna theek kero

Haye, we’ve all been there, upar chat pe ja ke antenna hilaana and then neechay se puchhna ‘theek hai? Ab theek hai? Yeh postion sahi hai?’ was a sport in its own!


  1. Akkar Bakkar Bambay Bo

Don’t you dare call yourself a 90s kid if you don’t remember the full Akkar Bakkar song!


  1. Katti

When friendships were simple and kattis were very serious!


  1. Pencil, tumhari shadi cancel

Yeah, remember the time when these little catch phrases were all the rage? And how we used to cry back in the days ke nahi meri shadi nai cancel!


  1. Dabbay mei dabba, dabbay mei cake, mera dost laakhon mei ek

The iconic line we’ve all written to our friends in cards for all occasions!


  1. Thhenga

Thhenga was the ultimate slang we had as kids, almost middle-finger level offensive!


  1. Allah ka pakka waada

We’ve all done at least one Allah ka pakka waada to assure our friends that we’ll keep their secrets safe with us!


  1. Umpress

Chhupan chhupayi’s ultimate phadda always started with Umpress and the person caught arguing meine bandda kerdiya tha pehle!


  1. Assalam-o-alaikum Pakistan

I mean, Radio Pakistan was heard in every single household while our nanis and dadis did their little chores like silayi, karhayi and even during the safayi. Also, is it just me or did everyone try to copy the little girl’s accent as she said Assalam-o-alaikum Pakistan?


What phrases did you use back in the days? Let us know in the comments below!

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