Lahore witnesses the worst smog ever and people are concerned

As heavy and hazardous smog engulfs Lahore for over weeks now, the citizens are really concerned. According to recent stats, the air quality in Lahore has been between 700-800 which is the worst the city has ever seen.

People have also been noticing a pungent smell all over the city and complaining of itchy throat, shortness of breath and burning eyes. The hashtags #LahoreSmog and #SmogApocalypse have been trending for a while now and yet there’s radio silence from the ministers in charge. Frustrated, the netizens have been taking it to twitter to do whatever they can to help each other:

People are finally realising the importance of carbon footprints that they’ve been leaving:

People were worried about the less privileged coping up:

It’s only been getting worse with every passing day:

People were cresting awareness of what smog does to the lungs:

Citizens were desperate for help:

Lahore had one of the deadliest nights last night:

Many complained of the city smelling like it was burning:

People had questions:

People were sharing how it was a whole new level of toxicity when they entered Lahore:

No one should go through this:

Netizens took in their own hands to create awareness and help others:

Many were concerned about the health and safety of pets:

And while the situation is deadly serious, there have been memes:

The future lies in our hands:

People were also chanting for neighbouring cities facing the same toxic levels of smog:

People were urging for immediate action:

Slow death:

Even the rain didn’t do much for the smog ridden city:

It’s high time that a state of emergency is declared in the smog effected cities. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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