Lahore food VS Karachi food: The debate is on!

There’s no stopping when it comes to Karachi vs Lahore debate. Karachi stands unparalleled when it comes to food and the praise comes from people all over the country! And it was no different this time when people started showing their love for Karachi’s food after this tweet got quoted countless times!

The tweet which features the famous Shawarma Platter from Qasr-ul-Nakheel had everyone recall their favourite food from Karachi!

People instantly recognized the restaurant:

Haha, it’s a FACT!


It had many missing the platter:

Some shared how it was more of quantity vs taste:

Many agreed how Karachi has the best food!

Some were, rather, critical:

Some admitted how they’d move to Karachi just for the food:

Not to brag, but, TRUE DAT!

Some thought there was a clear winner amongst the two:

I don’t think anyone who’s had it will put up a fight!

Karachi Kings won the match and wins everyday at food too 🤷‍♀️

Some were calling it a ghalat fehmi:

Some threw major shade at the Lahoris:

Talk about winning biryani, the actual biryani:

He’s got a point though:

People were recommending more places to eat at when in Karachi:

Karachi, Karachi hai yar!

Lol, gustaakhi maaf!

For some the clear winner was still Lahore:

And some thought he had clearly lost it:

And even after all that debate, people are still torn between the two cities. Why don’t you guys settle the debate in the comments below?

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