Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Wants To Know If Women At The Protests Had Permission From Their Fathers & Brothers, Gets Shut Down By People!

The King of misogyny has made his way back into the headlines with misogynistic comments on women who were out to protest against the Motorway incident.

His remarks have left the netizens fuming with anger and they’ve got all the answers he was looking for:

Men too had answers for him:

People wanted to know why the only meaning of azaadi for him was sex and boyfriends:

People were calling people like him the real enemy:

You can always count on KRQ to turn anything into a sexual fantasy:

People were questioning his credentials:

People were also questioning the channel and their ethics:

People were worried for his mental health:

People were calling out the anchor too:

Many shared how he is the least relevant man to the discussion:

People were disgusted that he’s still getting airtime:

People were concerned:

Many were calling it a publicity stunt:

People were questioning his idea of azaadi:

People were ashamed of liking him before:

People found the comments to be downright disgusting:

What do you think about KRQ’s take on women protesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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