Khaas leaves fans heart broken, angry and yet in love with the drama!

The drama serial Khaas finally bid farewell to us with a rather heart breaking ending. The drama that gathered popularity for standing out with it’s different story line for putting forward the subtle form of abuse which many women face in our society.

But people were rather disappointed with Fakhir’s death:

People were angry with the writers:

Fans were suggesting alternate endings:

Someone even shared how the fans were holding on to the hope it won’t be Fakhir dying:

Hearts were aching:

It reminded many of Shayan and Mannat from Cheekh:

Some argued how Fakhir shouldn’t have been in the narrative in the first place:

Cc: writers

Some were just not ready:

Good men are not myths!

To cheer fans up, Haroon Shahid had a message of his own for the audience:

* thinks of the last episode and cries *

Some were left confused:

Some were actually sad for investing their time in the drama:

And while some were angry, others loved the ending:

The message was loud and clear:

People thought it was important for Fakhir to die:

Saba and Fakhir deserved to be happy at the end:

Despite the heartache, people were happy that Saba didn’t return to Ammar:

This is important!

Ammar had people entertained!

Men will always be men:

People were living for the lesson:

The ending lines of the drama were loved by many:

What do you think about the drama’s ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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