Karachi’s Sea View All Set To Be Re-Modelled But People Think There Are Bigger Problems!

Authorities in Karachi have called for a remodelling of Sea View in line with the standards of foreign beaches, the remodelling plan calls for a jogging track for public in addition to 13 acres of grass to be planted to ensure there’s greenery on the beach and work has already begun.

As the news reached the masses, it wasn’t met with the enthusiasm expected and people have a lot to say!

People wanted to know who asked for it:

Haha, apt!

Watch these expectations die after a dress code is revealed for the beach:


Some wanted to know what the remodelling means:

Many think that it’s just going to be another empty promise:



He’s got a point!

Some weren’t happy!

Yar 💔

People were sharing the expected dates when the project will be completed:

People were talking about the immediate problems that needed attention:

What do you think about this remodelling project? Should other problems be dealt with first? Let us know in the comments below!

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