Karachiites And Their Spirit To Help A Person In Need Will Warm Your Heart!

With the never ending city wars, twitter finally found a little something most of them can agree with, all thanks to the heart warming replies by Karachiites on a worried man’s post!


Given the current situation, a man was urgently looking for fuel because he had to drive for a medical emergency, and Karachiites offered their own cars to help him. The gesture has moved us all and the netizens too are all praise for Karachiites!




It had many miss Karachi:


People were even sharing the instances they’d never expect in the UK:


The side we all take for granted at times:


People were all praise for Karachi and its people in general:


Haha, facts!






Dil jeet lete hain!




Even people from rival cities were moved!


It sure does!


We swear!


Love these guys!


Faith restored for many:


People were sending prayers to those who came forward to help:


Yeh cheez!


People were thanking them for offering help in desperate times:


Some, however, were not amused:


Isn’t this the most wholesome thing you’ve come across today? Let us know in the comments below!

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