#JusticeForZahra: The Girl Who Used To Educate Others On Domestic Violence Was Tortured To Death By Husband.

Sadaf Zahra Naqvi, wife of journalist Ali Salman Alvi, was found dead at her house on 29th June and her family thinks she was tortured to death.

Mother to a one year old baby girl, Sadaf Zahra Naqvi’s untimely death has raised questions on women suffering domestic violence in Pakistan. As told by her friend, here’s how her story unfolds:

Her friend shares how intelligent and smart of a girl Sadaf was:

She met her husband, Ali Salman Alvi, a journalist by profession through twitter:

And got married to him despite family’s resistance:

With only 7 months into the marriage, Sadaf caught her husband cheating:

Like many other woman, she chose to let it go!

But 5 months later, she found him cheating again:

As she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, she thinks it might change her husband:

But it all goes in vain:

Thinking of her daughter, she gives the man another chance:

But soon finds him cheating again:

On confronting her husband, Sadaf gets beaten up, shocked and broken, she leaves his house:

Her husband begs for forgiveness and promises never to touch her again:

On 20th June, she celebrates her daughter’s first birthday and 9 days later is found dead:

During the 3 years of her marriage, Sadaf caught her husband red handed multiple times:

But it was only in January that she started sharing her findings with her family:

And her friend thinks the guy’s family will spin it off as suicide:

Asking for support she urged people to demand justice for Zahra and within a few hundred retweets, #JusticeForZahra became the top trend in Pakistan:

Too late!

People were praying for justice:

A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter:

It’s not easy:

People wanted the husband to be taught a leason:

Replying to people who were questioning the development on the case, Rawalpindi police shares that they had arrested the journalist the same day:

People were hoping the police doesn’t succumb to pressure:

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting, may Allah rest her soul wallahi! I look at this and I’m crying as I type this right now, maybe this is a sign from Allah for me because yesterday my husband and me had a huge fight which led to vulgar things being said and most shockingly he burst out in rage and hit me, he slapped me, punched me and kicked me so hard he even choked me and I almost stopped breathing. I tried protecting myself but was too weak 😔 he then threw a bottle of perfume at me which hit my right hand and left my hand bruised and swollen only then did he stop and come and try to console me. This wasn’t the first time this had happened but he had promised to change and he did, he never laid a hand on me would say horrible things to me when he got mad but yesterday he showed his old colours again and this time he had done a lot of damage. I have a swollen hand and bruises on my back, my right knee and me left arm and a injured neck and as much as he said to “forgive me please” I can’t and not have I ever felt so much pain as I did last night to the point I even contemplated suicide because I know my life will always be like this as long as I’m with him. I’ve no money, no family, nowhere to go or ask for help so all I can do is pray to Allah that I don’t end up like Zahra and that I can leave soon. I’m not making this about me but am rather showing that us women are living through this torture DAILY. May Allah protect us all, we don’t deserve such kind of husbands. RIP ZAHRA, rest in Jannah my beautiful sister. 🙏🏻💔😔

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