10 International Youtube Reactors to Pakistani Content That We Can’t Watch Enough Of!

Reacting to Youtube videos has been a buzzing trend for a while now, and many have used it to show how they feel about cultures from around the globe. One major example of this has also been global reactions to Pakistani content!

From Indians and Koreans to people of Turkish and American heritage, a plethora of Youtubers now ‘react’ to Pakistani culture in all its aspects, and honestly, it’s some of the most fun things to watch!

Want to know how much someone loves our Coke Studio songs or enjoys our movie trailers? Well, you’ll find it all on these reaction channels…


Krishna Views – India

Run by Indian Youtubers, Krishna and Shilpa, the channel reacts to everything Pakistani, and gives insights to what the contemporary Indian thinks about Pakistani content. Their videos show an interesting outlook on the familiarity between the two nations, and truly makes for a fun watch!


Justin Burke – US

An American vocal coach, Justin Burke is one of the most fun Youtube reactors to watch for his expressions! He absolutely loves the way our Pakistani singers can show a vocal range that goes beyond American  musical comprehension, and it’s super fun to watch!


Daily Dhira – Indonesia

Coming straight from an Indonesian girl’s heart, Daily Dhira reactions are full of emotions and truth. Her reaction videos show an interesting side to how the world looks at Pakistanis, and that is what makes this channel unique.


Persia Castellani – UK

A UK-based Youtuber, Persia Castellani is one of the newest Youtube reactors on the scene. She’s all about including her family into her reaction videos and all of them are a delight to watch!


PunjabiReelTV – India

A Youtube reaction channel that is all soul and full of that desi vibe, PunjabiReelTV will surely be one that you’d want to watch if you understand the Punjabi language. It’s truly an experience to watch this channel and their honest reactions!


Daud Kim – South Korea

A Korean Youtuber who has a really interesting backstory to him – including a conversion to Islam amongst other things – Daud Kim is unique due to the content he makes. It ranges from reacting to Pakistani actresses to talking about how Muslims live in South Korea, and it definitely makes for great content.


Hana – Tunisia

One of the few Youtube reaction channels from the Arab world, Hana from Tunisia reactions have been an interesting kaleidoscope of opinions! From TikTokers to film trailer reactions, she’s done it all with amazing en-pointe analysis!


Turkish Reaction – Turkey

Our love for Turkish people seems to have reignited in the last few years, and the same seems to be happening there too! The Youtube channel, Turkish Reaction is one such example of their love for Pakistanis and our content, and the beautiful views this channel has on us, is proof!


Swaggy D – India

By now, if there’s one thing that we’ve learnt, it’s the fact that Indian reactors can’t get enough of Pakistani actors and actresses! This channel – Swaggy D, is proof of that. His channel is hands-down one of the most entertaining ones out there, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say, he represents the voice of the common Indian.


Robin & Jesper – Sweden

It’s surprising how Pakistani content has made it to every part of the world, and this video channel from Sweden is one such example! Started by Robin and Jesper – as the channel name suggests – the duo reacts to several Pakistani things and we do honestly love their energy!


Which channel is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.


  1. You should to add Aim reaction too they visit our country recently🙄😍😍nd they’re actually amazong nd one of my fav❤

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