Junaid Khan Says There Are Very Limited Roles For Actors & People Are Debating!

Giving us one of his best performances in Kashf, Junaid Khan opened up about the limited roles for male actors that the industry has to offer. Talking to BBC Urdu, the actor revealed how there are only the roles of father, brother and husband left for male actors to fill in.

Junaid’s take on the limited margin between the roles for men and woman has the internet divided and they’ve all got their own opinions:

Shots were fired!

People were ready to roast him:

With silly jokes:

Some corrected his statement:

People agreed with him too!

Jo baat hai!

People just couldn’t understand why he was getting the backlash:


People wanted to know what he meant:

Some disagreed!

People were discussing the wide margin of roles available to women:



People had solutions:



Do you agree with what Junaid Khan has to say? Let us know in the comments below!

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