Journalist digs up the pullover that PM IK wore and the internet has the funniest things to say!

As COVID-19 cases keep on increasing in the country, the nation has been looking forward to the Prime Minister for help and he’s been addressing the nation every now and then to share the action plan that the government has devised.

In a recent address regarding the outbreak, Imran Khan showed up in a rather casual attire and it has since then become the talk of twitter. One journalist actually went to the extent of digging up the pullover he was wearing:

And people had the funniest replies!

Some thought he might have snagged it on a sale:

Oooof, the shade!

Some thought it might have been passed on from his elder brother:

Zainab Market zindabad!

Never under-estimate a girl and her researching skills:

Kuch toh loug kaheinge:

One girl actually found the variant on sale!

Some still couldn’t get over how great he looked in it:

Hmmm, could be?

ELO not coming slow:

What else can you expect from them?

Things all desi moms would say:



Some just didn’t get the hype:

Jemima ko toh chhordoh yar:

Haha, same!

It’s definitely getting to us:

Boys, Fayyaz garments chalo!

Humain bhi itna normal ban’na hai:

Some had it all figured out!


We’ve got them sorted!

Hahaha, you never know!

There are no 2 ways about it:

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

What do you think about the things people are saying? Let us know in the comments below!

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