15 Songs That Proved The Lollywood Era Was So Much Fun!

Pakistan has a long history of cinema, and most of it revolves around the many lows and highs it has seen over the years. However, amidst it all, if there’s one thing that has remained constant, it’s how good the music has remained! Be it the songs of today, which are at par with any other Subcontinental film industry’s stuff or the old-school talent of Ahmed Rushdi, music has always made us stand out.

But, amidst it all, what we think has kept us the most entertained are the tracks that have been oh-so-unique! From songs that made you groove to those which made you laugh, we had it all, and that is what’s on the Diva radar today.

What songs are we talking about? Here’s the lowdown…


Don’t Be Silly

A new version may be entertaining the new cinemagoers, but Runa Laila crooning her famous Don’t Be Silly will never get old! It’s iconic in every way!

Some Say I Am A Sweety

A song that has provided the best lyrics for memes, Some Say I Am A Sweety is the best thing that happened to Lollywood. Groovy beats and just the most hilarious lyrics ever, what else do you need to be so larger than life?

Tu Tu Ru Tu Ru Tara Tara

An iconic song that we don’t think anyone can stop themselves from humming with, Tu Tu Ru Tu Ru Tara Tara is all about the fun romantic moments!


Bijli Bhari Hai

A song that has all the spark to it, literally, Bijli Bhari Hai is one of the most iconic tracks to come out of Lollywood. Who else could sing about themselves being electrifying as amazingly as hip-shaking Pakistani actresses from the bygone day?

Dil Main Kaanta Sa Chubh Gaya

A song that featured the beautiful Kaveeta, Dil Main Kaanta Sa Chubh Gaya is the best integration of innocent looks and upbeat tunes and lyrics! We can’t help but enjoy this so much!


Garam Gulabi Shaam Hai

By now, we don’t think anyone can deny that Naheed Akhter really knew how to make her songs stand out, and Garam Gulabi Shaam Hai is a proof! It’s the perfect mix of Urdu lyrics and a western beat put together!

Disco Dildar Mera

If you thought that Disco Deewane was the ONLY popular disco-referring song in Pakistan, then think again! There have been oh-so-many, but none are as crazy as Disco Dildar Mera! Thank us later for all the amazing moves in this one!


Dil Hua Mujh Se Begana

A song that’s really old in the history of Lollywood itself, Dil Hua Mujh Se Begana might be one of the first few songs which were so upbeat and enjoyable! The tunes especially are hypnotic!

Mera Babu Chail Chabila

The era of Shabnam is one that is unforgettable and it’s a song like Mera Babu Chail Chabila that epitomises it so well. The song, the actress, and the lyrics are all of amazing that it just defined how fun that whole time was.

Raat Ko Hogaya Sanata

Lollywood songs were never shy of their mix of the English language into Urdu songs, and Raat Ko Hogaya Sanata is proof with its wholesome additions of Bye Bye and Ta Ta! Just hilarious!


Soniya Coca Cola Pila De

A song that is proof that Coca Cola is a drink that so many generations have lived on, Noor Jehan’s Soniya Coca Cola Pila De is the most unique and entertaining track to come out back then! Imagine the Malika-e-Tarannum making brands big even when marketing strategists couldn’t think of it!

Black Beauty 

Lollywood, of course, could never stay away from the zeitgeist of the seventies where blackface wasn’t even a concept and that’s why a song like I Am Black Beauty exists! It’s the most startling song you’d listen to and you’d really understand why that time was a whole different universe in Pakistan!

I Am Very Sorry

Are you sorry for anything you did and want to apologise to someone you love? Send them this classic by Noor Jehan and they’d probably forgive you and even go into a laughing-confused fit! It’s popping, groovy, and a whole lot of question marks!

Main Aan Kalashnikov

The Soviet era really did leave a mark on Pakistan, and of course, Lollywood and its music weren’t spared from it either. Noor Jehan sang about a female’s body being like a Kalashankof (Kalashnikov) and it forever became the best Mujra song there is!


Don’t Drink Darling

What did we say about Naheed Akhter’s brilliance? She really knew how to make songs out of any English word, and all her songs show that. But, we think nothing beats Don’t Drink Darling by the singer, which is just a league of its own!


Which song do you love? Tell us in the comment section below!


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