Jemima Khan Wants To Know The Best Pop Song For Weddings & Pakistanis Had Way Too Much To Offer!

You barely get any straight answers on Twitter, be it celebrities, political figures, foreigners, Pakistanis always find a way around the answer!

And as much as they love Jemima Khan, even she couldn’t get straight answers when she asked Pakistani tweeple to recommend her some good pop songs for a wedding:

From come back bhabhi to Imran Khan’s speeches and even memes, people had a lot to offer!


People wanted her to stay away from Pakistanis:

People were curious!

Wah, a medley plus easy choreo!

People thought Jemima was getting married:




People were sharing memes:

Best 😂

Man sings really well though!


Pretty sure we’re not talking about the same IK…

What’s the point?

People were also sharing political problems under the tweet as their recommendations…


What do you think about the replies? Let us know in the comments below!

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