‘Mai With Over-The-Top Makeup & Jewellery Looking Like A Kofta,’ Ali Azmat’s Disrespectful Comments On Noor Jehan Irk Netizens & Fellow Celebrities!


Ali Azmat has never shied away from sharing what’s on his mind but things went a little too far after he made insensitive and demeaning comments on Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jehan.

In a clip that’s now been circulating on all social media platforms, the singer can be seen bashing Noor Jehan questioning her time on-screen: “You put on a show, you would see Noor Jehan draped in a saree, with heavy jewellery and over-the-top makeup. We would get irritated by Mai and think why would they make us watch this kofta.”

His comments irked fellow celebrities and family of the iconic singer, here’s what they’ve had to say. Taking to Instagram, Noor Jehan’s daughter Mina Hassan shared concluded, “Not all primates evolved to become better creatures. Some regressed to lower life forms, faded into irrelevance; invoked cheap theatrics to grapple with the fame lost and lived out their remaining days consumed by their insecurities.”

Her granddaughter Natasha too took to Instagram and called Ali Azmat’s remarks ‘disgraceful utterance:’

Her grandson, Ahmed Ali Butt found Ali Azmat’s remarks to be in bad taste:

Seasoned actress Bushra Ansari too emphasized on watching ones mouth when they speak of legends:

Bilal Maqsood from Strings posted a picture of Noor Jehan to his Instagram captioning it ‘legend:’

Veteran actress Mishi Khan was utterly shocked at the disrespectful comments:

Yasir Hussain took a dig at Ali Azmat’s remarks and it’s savage!


Artist Zeb Bangash took to Twitter to share her love for Madam Noor Jehan’s voice:

Actress Amna Malik also shared how the callous remarks upset her:


Actress Fatima Effendi Kanwar called Ali Azmat out for not respecting the legends even after their death:


Actor Faizan Sheikh too shared how Ali Azmat shouldn’t expect this generation to respect him if he cannot respect legends:


Journalist Mehr Tarar took to Twitter to share how Ali Azmat’s comments are crass and pukey:

She further went on to share how Madam Noor Jehan was a true diva in every essence:

Somehow Asim Azhar too was dragged in the debate after people mistook one of his tweets as a dig:

He later clarified that it had nothing to do with the recent occurrences:

And while the celebrities were busy picking sides, Fareshteh Aslam gave everyone a quick reminder that we should learn to co-exist with differing POVs:

Netizens too were hurt after Ali Azmat’s remarks and had a lot to say:

Shots were fired:

Spot on!

And while fans were hurt, there were some who came to defend Ali Azmat:

As people remain divided on the matter, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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