Jemima Goldsmith sends love and salaam to Pakistanis and they’re melting!

Pakistanis and their obsession with Diana and Jemima is an equation that most won’t get, people love them more than they love their own people, they’re literally every desi mum’s favourite women!

As the World is hit by the corona pandemic, Jemima tweeted out to check on how Pakistan and its people we’re doing amidst the outbreak in a heart warming tweet:

And yahan Pakistanis pighhal gaye!

People reassured her how PM Imran Khan was working for their welfare:

Samina Peerzada sent Jemima her blessings:

Some actually showed her how they were doing with videos:

Her tweet also triggered some Indians 😂

Some were thanking her for remembering Pakistan:


People were sharing how they were hoping for the best:

Some were comparing her to Reham Khan:

People were loving the gesture:

Could she?

Haha, isn’t that the case with everything that Jemima tweets?

The amount of times we’ve read this:


People agreed how this was a heart warming tweet in trying times:

Baat toh sach hai:

People were wishing for an ex like hers, ummm?

Some thought she was the best thing to happen to Imran Khan:

What even?

Umm, invasive much?

What do you think about Jemima’s tweet and the way Pakistanis reacted to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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