Is Lahore Really Safe For Women? Netizens Question After Another Assault Video Emerges From Lahore


Ever since 14th August, various videos of men harassing women have emerged from Lahore. After 400 men were captured on video harassing a woman, another video saw the light of the internet where men were harassing women in a Qingqi rickshaw and now, a video from Iqbal Park in Lahore has surfaced on the internet:

And people are beyond furious!

People were left speechless:

People wanted to know why this wasn’t being dealt with:

People were sharing how the park has been notorious:

People were sharing how Lahore didn’t seem safe to them for women:

People were sharing how hitting women is unforgivable:

People were worried:


Breaks our heart!

Makes sense:

Yes please!


People were quoting what Dr. Yasmin Rashid once said about Lahore:

Shots were fired:

Yeh toh hai:

People had questions:

People had a solution:

And while others were condemning this brutality, others still wanted to know the other side of the story:

What do you think should be done? Let us know in the comments below!

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