#IqraAziz Becomes Top Trend On Twitter After Her Powerful Performance In KAM3!

Breaking records left and right, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 has been an absolute favourite among fans. It has fans all over the globe and now as the story’s progressing, people are blown away by Iqra and Feroze’s exceptional acting as they trend #IqraAziz to laud her:

And here’s what they’ve got to say!

People were loving the interaction between Mahi and Farhad:

People were blown away!

We know, right!


People cried with her:

Oof, this dialogue:


And he will always love her:


Ours too 😭

A beautiful episode, indeed!


It’s a game changer!

People were sharing what every scene made them feel like:

Agreed, two of the finest actors at their finest!

Jo baat hai!

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