Do Chai, Coffee & Green Tea Really Establish Class Difference In Our Dramas? Netizens Discuss!

It goes without saying that our drama industry is at its very best, but that sure doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Noticing over and over again how class differences are established in dramas, a Twitter user shared his opinion:

And netizens have lots to add to the list:

Achi* si chai:


People were sharing how it’s not only confined to one channel but every channel:

Haha, awaaam is pretty observant:

Some didn’t find anything wrong with it:

We know right?

People were also sharing how other channels were no better:

People were fully on-board:


Hahaha, crore se neechay toh baat hi nai hoti:

People found his analysis to be spot on!

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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