Irfan Junejo decides to stay silent on the Kashmir issue and the internet thinks he’s cancelled!

Irfan Junejo is one of the more mature and sensible of the YouTubers lot, however, his silence on Kashmir issue had majority of his fans disappointed. And when they asked him about the silence, this is the logic that he gave:

His 4 tweets long thread on Twitter gathered tons of criticism by his fans and within minutes, he was trending on twitter:

His stance did not sit well with the audience and for them he was cancelled:

Even Waqar Zaka made a video about his tweets:

People were disappointed in him:

Many called him out on his silence:

People were unfollowing him:

People thought of him as a hypocrite:

Some thought it was all about the numbers game:

People were having him cancelled:

Many called him a darpok:

Sham Idrees made it to the memes:

People had questions:

Some were actually mad at him amalgamating two entirely opposite issues to justify his silence:

His logic gave cancer to many:

Many thought he’d be regretting his tweets:

Shit piece 😂

And while many disagreed with him, there were a few who agreed with him:

Some thought he didn’t owe anyone an explanation:

And only today, Irfan Junejo tweeted how, despite being cancelled, he’s gained a ton of followers:

What do you think about Irfan Junejo’s rant? Let us know in the comments below!

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