Diva Jukebox: Top 10 Songs That Made It Big This Week!

We’re back after a two-week hiatus and a fresh list of songs along with some old classics are still dominating the playlists in Pakistan! There are songs from Superstar, Parey Hut Love, and Heer Maan Ja which people are still grooving to, but there are also so many OSTs which have made their place this week.

So, from television favourites to movie hits, here’s everything you’ve been loving and listening to this week!

Haye Dil Bechara – Parey Hut Love

Making a comeback to the top of the list, Parey Hut Love’s ‘Haye Dil Bechara’ seems to the nation’s favourite at this point!

Bekaraan Ishq – Superstar

Coming in at a close second place, ‘Bekaraan Ishq’ is also a fan-favourite everyone’s obsessed with.

Noori – Superstar

If you can’t tell already, it’s a fan love affair with Superstar and that made ‘Noori’ a song that everyone couldn’t get enough of.

Addi Maar – Heer Maan Ja

Ali Rehman Khan’s ‘Addi Maar’ is still making people groove to the desi beats and keeping the song in the top ten list!

Heer Maan Ja Title Track – Heer Maan Ja

Inching close to Addi Maar, the title track is another song from HMJ, which has made it to fans’ playlists big time.

Dil Harey – Gohar Mumtaz

Gohar Mumtaz performed for the first time on the Pepsi Battle of the Bands stage with his iconic track Dil Harey! Giving everyone in the audience the blast from the past!

Ramz-e-Ishq OST – Shani Arshad

An OST which has made it big in the last two weeks, Ramz-e-Ishq by Shani Arshad has surprisingly carved its niche in the top 10 songs!

In Dinon – Superstar

Falling from the number 1 position but still maintaining a high position at number 8, Superstar’s In Dino is still a fan favourite!

Malaal-e-Yaar OST – Ahmed Jehanzeb

Another OST that fans have been loving this week is Malaal-e-Yaar by Ahmed Jehanzeb. Calm with an emotional set of lyrics, it seems to be on repeat for many!

Sayonee (Cover) – Leo Twins

A surprising yet beautiful entry into the top 10 list is an instrumental cover of Junoon’s super-popular ‘Sayonee‘, which has been done up beautifully by Leo Twins!

Which song is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below!



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