Internet reacts to court rejecting Qandeel Baloch’s parents’ plea to forgive their son


3 years after Qandeel Baloch was ruthlessly killed by her own brother in the name of honor, the parents made a heart breaking revelation of forgiving their son by presenting a signed affidavit in court pardoning their son.


However, the Multan court has rejected their plea and the case continues. The internet too was shocked at the plea initially but is now proud of the decision of the court to reject the plea:


People were lauding the court for taking a step in the right direction:


People are calling it a bright day today!


People urged that the criminals should be tried and punished:


Agreed, there is no honor in killing:


People are now sure that justice will prevail:


People were happy with the court’s decision:


People shared how justice was still not served after 3 years:


Many shared how they knew pardoning was inevitable:


People shared how she still resonated with the society and how nothing has changed even after 3 years:


Even people who didn’t support her doings were empathetic towards her:


People were sad about the parents forgiving their son:


Some shared how it must be extremely conflicting for the parents to decide:


Some went completely out of context:



What do you think about the court rejecting Qandeel’s father’s plea? Let us know in the comments below!

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