Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp Were Down But The Memes On Twitter Weren’t!

While Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were down, we had Twitter, the real OG! As major social media apps were down, Twitter saw about 59.6M users active at the same time and needless to say, there were a ton of memes and we’ve gathered for you the best ones!

Pls, no personal attacks:

Kismat kharab!

If you know, you know!


Wifi ko bhi toh samjho!

It was ludo star for most of them:

Jazz had a solution though:

Girl, we…

Hahaha, the first issues between PTCL and Pakistanis:

People were throwing shade at influencers:

It’s, not…


Lesson learnt!


Yar 😂


Waisay bhi 79% Pakistanis haven’t watched a single Bollywood movie in the past year:


Yes please!



First-time Twitter users:

In Twitter we trust!



Sis, why are you attacking us 😭

How did you spend time when social media was down? Let us know in the comments below!

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