Indian Media Thinks ‘Gulshan e Bagh’ In Karachi Is Under Attack & Pakistanis Have The Most Hilarious Replies!

Following the recent blast at Gulshan e Iqbal, Indian media took the news and added its own twist to it, reporting that ‘Gulshan e Bagh’ – a place that does not exist in Karachi, is under attack in a civil war like situation:

And Pakistanis are having a field day trolling the Indian media:

Not. Okay.

Bhai bhai, bhai bhai!

Koi humain bhi batao:

Truth bombs 👀

Jo baat hai!

Yar 😂

And the third fraction has switched to tomato paste altogether:

People were lauding the writing:

Things have been escalating fast:

People were posting vicious live updates:

Now this one’s a legit update:

More updates:

Yar Spiderman ko bhi bulao:


Meanwhile Karachiites have been enjoying their burgers:

True that!

For real guys, hum help kerdein?

Uh oh:

Koi haal nai:

Be safe!


Memes were flowing in!

Paper waalon ko apni tension lagi hui thi:

We don’t think so 😂

How have you been doing during this “civil war”? Let us know in the comments below!

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