“I Don’t Think Jaun Bhai Likh Saktay Hain Yeh:” Sahir Lodhi Under Fire For Doubting Jaun Elia’s Poetry!

We’re yet to witness a Ramzan where there are no controversies involving the Ramzan shows being broadcasted by various channels, and this year is no different.

Pakistanis had barely moved on from the racer Aamir Liaquat and his naagin dance that Sahir Lodhi gave them yet another reason to be upset! In one of his Ramzan shows, two contestants were having a poetry stand-off when one of them iterated a couplet by Jaun Elia. And while he was at it, Sahir Lodhi did not seem too satisfied with the verse as it made no sense to him and he started doubting the authenticity of the verse and Jaun Elia’s writing capabilities.

And the netizens are furious!

People shared the original couplet and it’s iteration by the poet himself:

People couldn’t help but laugh at the competence of the judges:

People were demanding that a strict action be taken against Sahir Lodhi and the panel of judges:

People were sharing how Jaun Elia must be tossing and turning in his grave:

How about both?

People were feeling bad for the contestants:

People were suggesting that Sahir Lodhi used google before embarrassing himself:

People were just not having it:

People were sharing how the verse would make sense to anyone:

Shots were fired!

People were demanding that Sahir Lodhi and the judges apologise for their ignorance:


People wanted the hosts and judges to be well-versed:

People couldn’t stop throwing shade:

For real:

People had questions:

People were calling it Urdu ka janazah!


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