Hussain Nawaz says he took ailing father Nawaz Sharif to restaurant on his doctor’s advice and people have a lot to say!

Nawaz Sharif has been on bail in London for a while now getting his treatment done. A picture of Nawaz Sharif went viral on social media after he was seen at a restaurant and people have questions!

When inquired about why Nawaz Sharif was out and about, his son Hussain Nawaz said that he was taken to the restaurant on his doctor’s recommendation to take him on short walks, and the internet is having a field day!

Some were low-key envious of Nawaz’s cardiologist:

We need more doctors like you!

Some wanted the authorities to take action:

Some were mad at the lies being built up:

Some were predicting next steps in the treatment:

Many young doctors learned a thing or two:

Some had questions:

Hey, retail therapy is a real thing okay!


Biryani over everything:

Many were referring to the cricket meme:

Some were concerned about the credentials of the doctor:

There was a ton of trolling:

Some were amused:

Some suggested a walk in the park would have been more fitting:

Some thought the doctor deserved an award:

Let us know when you find one:

Some even shared the menu:

And while many were trolling him, there were a few who could relate to it:

Some found the gesture sweet:

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