Mehwish Hayat just called out a journalist who thought a scene from ‘Load Wedding’ was real

Pakistani-Canadian author and journalist Tarek Fatah often comes under fire as far as Pakistani Twitter is concerned due to his hot takes. Now, I’m not sure how much research goes into each tweet, but a recent blunder by the journalist regarding a scene from ‘Load Wedding’ is equal parts embarrassing and hilarious.

Earlier today, he tweeted out the following video, claiming that a Pakistani mother was rude to polio workers.

Now, at a first glance, it may seem like the woman’s yelling at the workers, but there’s something noticeably odd about the video – it seems rather exaggerated, almost like it’s out of a movie…because it is.

The clip is actually from the 2018 Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat starrer, ‘Load Wedding.’ 


Source: Fremulon

Mehwish Hayat responded, calling him out for his lack of research.

She thanked Tarek for giving his two cents on the matter, but asked him to verify his sources before tweeting stuff out mindlessly. Moreover, she added that she was glad the actors’ performances were convincing enough to fool him.

A lot of people flocked in to support her and drag him.

Now, people on Twitter don’t forgive such follies. And that’s exactly what happened with Tarek Fatah. Everyone’s pointing out his mistake, to the point where ‘Load Wedding’ soon became a top trend.

Some people went as far as to call him a ‘propagandist.’

Others told him to take off his ‘glasses of hate’ to see that this was from a movie.

Some people straight up told him to change his glasses. 

Basically, EVERYONE called him out for this mistake.

Yikes. Also, the tweet’s still up and it’s been seven hours. Perhaps he’ll wake up to this storm that began brewing due to his tweet and realize his mistake? We can only hope.

What do you think about this hilarious blunder? Let us know in the comments.


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