Humayun Saeed To Play Dr. Hasnat Khan In The Crown, Here’s What People Have To Say!

After much speculation, it’s been confirmed that Humayun Saeed will be playing the role of Princess Diana’s companion Dr. Hasnat Khan in one of the most coveted series on Netflix, the Crown.

People were speculating that the role would be given to Fawad Khan, but as various sources have now confirmed, it is Humayun Saeed who has become the first Pakistani actor to feature in a Netflix Original series:

And as the news made it to the public, they’ve got lots to say!

Mahira Khan too was excited and proud at the feat:

Vasay Chaudhry hyped his friend up like no other:

People were ecstatic!

People found the feat to be heartwarming:


People were feeling proud:

Jo baat hai:



Can’t guarantee that!

People were excited for the new season:


You’ll love it!

For sure!


And while others were celebrating, some had their reservations:

Sakina Samo felt the role would have suited Fawad Khan better:


What do you think about the casting? Let us know in the comments below!

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