Humaira Ali Paints Her Own Reality Inside Water

By Fida Hussain


The project like no other where the gorgeous Humaira performs the role of a painter who is seen painting gracefully a beautiful painting underwater. She is seen embodying a veteran artist painting away with different strokes and colors to give it a vivid look, Humaira is painting a beautiful young woman and writing poetry inside the water. ย She can be seen flowing like a mermaid right in the middle of a humongous aquarium shining through the clear blue waters. Adorned in a bespoke, beautiful red silk dress she slowly glides through the cold water with a rose in her hand, showing immense grace with every move she takes.

Under the clear blue-water, moving her body with much poise and flowy hair. Humaira is seen in a no-makeup look except the red bold lipstick that shines through the water. Smiling away, Humaira radiates energy that reflects the purity of her commitment, feelings and emotions for creating such beautiful art that she performs with love.



The unique shoot has not been performed by any other artist from the local diaspora, only Humaira could have undertaken this enormous project, and to do it with sheer grace is a cherry on top. Once you see her underwater you canโ€™t take your eyes of her performance.


Who is the woman behind this phenomenal underwater video ?

Humaira Ali is an actress, model, qualified painter & sculptor and a multidimensional artist who has also worked in the theatre with renown theatre artists and has also been an ace model. She was recently seen in the popular reality TV show, โ€˜Tamashaโ€™. Not only has she proven herself as and artist but she is a renowned fitness and health trainer who has lost 30kg weight her body transformation journey is so inspiring for so many. These distinguished qualities make her stand apart from her peers and fellow artists from the Pakistani entertainment industry. She is a born artist and loves art, studied visual arts painting, sculpture, designing creating is her passion.



Behind the fearless work & experience of working with the under-water theme and Humaira mentioned that the theme was beautiful yet very tough to do. She also had to overcome multiple doubts and fears. Humaira mentions she was scared of the water after drowning once in her childhood and were close to death.

The incident had impacted her in different ways and she then talked to her mother on the phone a night before the shooting of this project who motivated her by reminding her of her struggle to overcome the fear of staying underwater. Thus, she with a positive mind got ready for the shoot.

As this was a difficult shoot to perform, we asked Humaira if she faced any challenges and how she managed to overcome these challenges.

Humaira mentioned that she followed a few tips given to her by the producers before heading into the aquarium. She also added that she was suffering from fever but braved her health and the cold water, she had to keep her body posture just perfect. The challenges did not end here as the silk outfit was unmanageable in cold water which kept sticking to her body. She also added that keeping the eyes open were extremely difficult due to high levels of chlorine in the water, while normally we struggle to hold our breath underwater, she had to hold it for more than a minute, holding everything perfectly in place with her hands in position at all times. All of this and smiling away for the camera. It definitely was a tough nut to crack.

Humaira further talked about her preparations for the shoot where the love for art gave her the courage to learn swimming and underwater yoga which eventually helped her overcome her fear and enabled her to perform magic underwater โ€“ where the shoot continued for 4 hours!



Humaira what was the vision for art and how did she gain the courage for the brave act. She mentions that not only is the vision essential, but courage to do so is equally important for an artist. It helps an artist to overcome all fears and challenges. She believes if an artist has a vision, he or she must be courageous to perform it and also have the courage to accept and to break all the odds. Humaira believes she has both the qualities; vision for the art and courage to do it & thus, training to be staying physically fit for any such challenges.

Weโ€™re curious as to how Humaira came across this great opportunity all the way from Turkey, the artist shared a few details:

She mentions she went to Turkey two years ago, for an award show where she got the chance to meet a few notable ad agencies, production companies and designers. She says she received offers at the time but was not able to plan the dates due to her busy schedule and work routine in Pakistan. The actress says luckily, she got some free time earlier this month, and completed three editorials in Turkey. She further praised the company and team for being highly professional and skilled with advanced techniques.

We asked Humaira how she was able to perform with such grace underwater and what her secret to success is, she said, overcoming her fears was a must in order to attain success in life and her motto to a fearless life is, โ€˜Ask yourself what scares you and do that twice!โ€™

We are loving Humairaโ€™s grit for success as she proves herself to be a unique multi-talented artist. Her patterns of works in both the performing-arts and visual-arts are quite captivating and impressive for all of us!

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