Hum Awards 2019: Somebody Please Call the Fashion Police!

The 7th Hum Awards took place in Houston over the weekend, and with it brought forward a myriad of celebrities who graced the red carpet with their looks. However, before we go any further, let’s just explore the word ‘graced’ once again. Because, when one dressed up like they walked into someone’s Shaadi instead of an award show, it made us think twice about what they were doing and whether it was really gracing an event.

From over-glamorised gowns to shining, shimmering eastern ensembles, it was a real mess at the red carpet, and it made us want to call the fashion police pronto – and that’s what we did!

Who wore what and who deserves a warrant for their crimes against fashion? Find out here…

Amar Khan

Amar Khan could have done better, for sure. This is neither good nor bad, but just your run-of-the-mill blue gown!



Reema loves her eastern ensembles, and despite almost everyone else wearing gowns, she stood out in this elegant outfit.

Sanam Jung

Moondust, twilight colours and vertical stripes didn’t do Sanam Jung any favours here.

Mawra Hocane

For someone who is as young as Mawra Hocane, the bun and the oversimplified lehenga just made her look much older than she is!

Iqra Aziz

A look that didn’t bode well with Iqra Aziz, the all-green avatar could definitely have been better if it wasn’t a red carpet statement but one for a performance during the show.

Asim Azhar

Although too plain and dull, the scarf definitely won him points for patriotism!

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar chose to go classic and it definitely worked for her. The red ruffled-up gown made her a sizzling entity on the red carpet.

Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan may be one of the most beautiful actors we have, but her bad outfit choices left us confused to whether she’s star material or not.

Azaan Sami Khan

For someone who’s just dipping his toes into the industry right now, wearing something as boring as this was a huge question mark.

Urwa Hocane & Farhan Saeed

A lot of ivory may have made us think they were going for a wedding and ended up at the award show, but they did still look graceful.

Kinza Hashmi

Too much lace and motif is never a good sign of couture, and perhaps Kinza Hashmi would have done better without this dress.

Ali Rehman Khan

Playing with colours, flora and fauna, Ali Rehman Khan was refreshing to see as he at least experimented with menswear.

Sarah Khan

By now, we would like to believe that the award show was also part wedding, and Sara Khan dress kind of cemented our belief.

Hajra Yamin

Another experimentation done right had to be Hajra Yamin who looked quite interesting in an insulated-esque quilt dress at the red carpet.

Hania Amir

Another diva who didn’t dress her age, Hania Amir looked much maturer than she is in a glittery, purple sari. She could definitely do better!


What do you think about the looks? Tell us in the comment section below. 


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  1. Very deep observation I like it. I didn’t like the hania and amir dressings. Like it was a party not award show. Yea everyone was dressed up like they are going on wedding.
    In short you nailed it.

  2. Whaat the hell people? Bure pehno to shrm mhi aati be haayaa ho gye hn, are they even Muslims? Or traditional pehn liye to kya ye shadi hai, mtlb kisi b tra khush nhi….. Or rhi baat award show ki k kya pehnna chaiye to i think apna culture promote kro, jo dresses ap log keh rrhy ho k pehne chaiye wo to Hollywood ka tremd h… Hum apna trend nhi set kr skte? Zroor follow krna hai…

  3. Noman ejaz and his wife should be reviewed as well for their red carpet look the emerald green is definitely the COLOR one would love to see

  4. I think except sanam jung, everybody looks stylish and perfect in their own way despite judging that they look way older than their age! Mawra, hania and others look stunning!

  5. Absolutely and exactly!!
    The chaos of hum awards just lead to be a mess in terms of celebs choice of outfit on red carpet, not a single person dresses according to award night, cheap gown, overly embellished froks and mens sherwani are just failure.
    I think its better that our celebs should follow canes, vogue and elle award to get the idea how to dress accordingly and flaunt the award show looks and gowns.

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