Hina Altaf thinks Muneeb Butt doesn’t know acting, brings in #AineebKiShadi and people are furious


In a recent interview, actress Hina Altaf took a shady dig at Muneeb Butt when asked who was the actor that doesn’t know acting but pretends like he’s an amazing actor:

Posted by Binjee on Thursday, July 11, 2019


Hina Altaf answered that it was Muneeb Butt, the host then struggled remembering who Muneeb Butt was 👀

And to remind him, Hina mentioned the hashtag #AineebKiShadi. After which the host threw shade at Aiman too for posting a photo with the ‘jaheiz khori band karo’ sticker a day after her extravagant wedding.


Fans on social media too gave their verdict, some thought Hina was right and some thought Hina shouldn’t have taken names:


People shared their love for Muneeb:


People compared Hina’s acting to Muneeb’s:

People from across the border came forward to support Muneeb too:


People mentioned some of his best work to date:


And while people were bashing Hina, there were many who defended her:


Many argued how she had the right to express her opinion:


Many agreed with her:


As the clip surfaced the internet, Muneeb Butt took to his Instagram stories to share a quote with the hastag ‘Say No To Negativity’


His wife Aiman too posted a status on her stories attacking Hina and the host for bringing Muneeb down and called them ‘uneducated,’ ouch!


Aiman concluded her status with the hashtag #MehnatKarHassadNaKar



In a world filled with hatred already, the last thing we need is the people in our industry putting each other down, whatever happened to the ‘let’s help each other grow notion?’ With that being said, I think Hina Altaf could have been a little more careful with her words trying to mock Muneeb. The host too should have been a little more informed and updated with the people in this industry and shouldn’t have dragged his wife Aiman into the conversation because it was unnecessary. We also think that celebrities should not be put in such difficult situations with these silly questions, if you’re going to interview a celebrity, get creative and come up with questions of substance.


What do you think about this little tiff between Aiman, Muneeb and Hina Altaf? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Actually, different actors and actresses are asked such questions and they laugh and ignore it giving a sign that they like that person or not. We must see hina altaf’s confidence that how she said what came in her mind. Muneeb butt is also a great actor and hina altaf is also a good actresses. Theses questions are just asked to make a breaking news and promoting their show.

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