Hike in the prices of N95 masks and sanitizers has left awaam furious!

With the sudden panic created by the first 2 cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan, people are rushing to their nearest medical stores in search of the specialised N95 masks, sanitizers and basic disinfecting essentials. But the prices had everyone appalled as they were being sold on ten times their original price!

Furious at the hike in the prices, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

What a shame!

The price hike is insane!

Some were calling it majboori pe karoobar:

People were disappointed:

People were sharing how the supply had been halted to increase the demand:

Some were actually disgusted:

Some had suggestions as to what should be done:

People were very angry!

Many shared how it’s not always the government’a fault:

Someone from the biosafety saw industry shared what the reason for the hike in prices:

Shareef woh hai jisko mouqa nai mila:

People were expecting a hike in the prices of kafan next:

People were sharing the reasons for shortage:

Prices for even the surgical masks went up:

Some suggested that the hoarders be punished:

People were scared of what’s to come:

Shots were fired!

Some shared how this was now a global panic!

Baat toh sach hai:

People were praying for hidayat:

Okay, we wouldn’t recommend that:

What do you think about the sudden hike? Let us know in the comments below!

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