“Idiot,” the Pakistani drama series, introduces us to Gulzar, portrayed by Ahmed Ali Akbar, a seemingly unintelligent character who defies norms and questions societal conventions through intellectual inquiries. As we delve into Gulzar’s character, it’s clear that he embodies the spirit of that one friend in a group who, due to their unique perspectives and behaviors, has often been labeled an “outsider”.

  1. Fearless Truth Speaker:

Gulzar’s straightforwardness often leads to trouble, mirroring the bold friend who speaks their mind regardless of consequences. His courage in questioning norms resonates with those who challenge the established order.

  1. Guardian of Loved Ones & Empathy Unleashed:

Gulzar’s unwavering support for his sister in the face of adversity reflects the protective nature of the misfit friend. Just as he stands against dowry demands, this friend stands up for their convictions. Gulzar’s compassion, seen through his interaction with a stuttering student, mirrors the misfit friend’s deep empathy. Both connect on a profound level, understanding the struggles of others.

  1. Quest for Meaning:

Gulzar’s contemplative nature and curiosity about life’s purpose resonate with the misfit friend’s introspection. Challenging mundane routines, they seek a more meaningful existence.

  1. Rebel with a Cause:

Gulzar’s rejection of toxic norms echoes the conscious awakening of the misfit friend. Both are catalysts for change, daring to defy harmful traditions.

  1. Embracing Misunderstanding:

Gulzar’s sense of being misunderstood aligns with the misfit friend’s experience. This shared sentiment, though isolating, strengthens their resolve.

  1. The Self-Aware Trailblazer & Unconventional Bonds:

Gulzar’s self-awareness and growth mirror the misfit friend’s journey of self-discovery. They both navigate life with a deep understanding of themselves. Gulzar’s bond with his pet Buddy reflects the misfit friend’s unique companionships. Both find solace and connection in unconventional relationships.

  1. Warrior for Justice:

Gulzar’s fight against social injustice aligns with the misfit friend’s refusal to accept unfairness. They share a commitment to creating a more just world.

Celebrating Individuality and Impact

In “Idiot,” Gulzar embodies these traits, expertly portrayed by Ahmed Ali Akbar. His character not only questions norms but also evokes memories of the friend who enriched our lives with their distinct perspectives. “Idiot” reminds us of the power of individuality, and Gulzar’s journey serves as a testament to the profound impact one person can have in reshaping the world around them. As viewers follow Gulzar’s unconventional path, they’re inspired to embrace their own unique qualities and effect change in their spheres.


Written by: ASRA TARIQ

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