Here’s Why Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi Is The Drama Everyone Should Be Watching!

If there’s one drama we’d recommend watching out of all the ones airing at the moment, it’s TV One’s Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi.

Based on the themes of child trafficking, dowry, child abuse, prostitution and the hypocrisies of society, the drama is as real as it can get and one you shouldn’t miss because there’s so much that it talks about!


  1. Human Traficking


DNUTN is a drama that touches on multiple themes all at once. With the number of human trafficking cases alarmingly high, the drama gives us a glimpse of how people involved in human trafficking take advantage of other people’s vulnerabilities to get their way.


  1. Dowry


The drama also touches on the concept of dowry and shows how parents sacrifice everything to arrange an acceptable amount of dowry and how, despite it being haram, people still blackmail the girl’s families to arrange generous dowry.


  1. Harassment


Harassment is very real, women of all the experience it, be it the dirty stares, verbal harassment or physical harassment. The drama highlights how girls at a young age are sexualized by dirty men and parents don’t even get a hint of it.


  1. Education


The drama also focuses on the century-old mindset that tells us that girls aren’t worthy of education since all they have to do is get married and look after the house and kids. As ridiculous as it sounds, this still is a major problem that girls encounter in the country.


  1. Prostitution


Often times people don’t even regard prostitutes as humans, they are forced to sell their bodies, they face all sorts of horrible and crazy men and live in conditions that one cannot even imagine. The drama gives us a peak inside their lives and how they’d do anything to leave.


  1. Sports are for boys


As petty as it sounds, this concept still stands true for many parents in the countries who discourage their girls from taking part in sports leaving the physical health in shambles.


  1. Children being groomed into thieves and beggars


The drama also highlights the harsh realities of runaway and kidnapped kids who are then groomed into being beggars and thieves, some tortured and made handicapped to gain sympathy and some are trained to pick-pocket at a very young age.


  1. Toxic parents


The drama also focuses on toxic parents and how it affects their kids mentally, some try and run away while some become rebellious and develop spiteful feelings.


  1. Corruption in every department


The drama also touches on exposing how the entire system is corrupt from head to toe, and how this corruption isn’t he reason people have lost faith in the judiciary system. From bribing the police officers to doctors practising unlawful procedures and big names running and protecting shady businesses, everyone is a part of the problem.


  1. Child marriage


Pakistan still happens to be one of those countries where child marriages are prevalent, the drama also touches on how poor and uneducated families see child marriages as a means of financial relief of raising daughters and how these child brides then have to suffer.


With so many major themes touched in the drama, the cast is straight up brilliant, from young Allah Rakhi to Jamshed to Naheed and little Naseem Zehra, the child stars are brilliant! From rebellious Sumbul to submissive Sawera to sick Mr. Sherwani, the drama will keep you gripped and make you feel a whole lot of things.


Are you keeping up with the drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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