Here’s Everything That’s Common In The Society But People Are Personally Against It!

We live in a society where people are so concerned with what others think that we follow certain things blindly just for the sake of fitting in.

And today, this man has the internet talking on things normalized by the society that they’re personally against:

And the list is long!


If only we could eliminate it:

Many were against dowry:


Many were against cousin marriages:

Age is just a number:

People had a lot to say:

Very important!


Stop, please 🙄


Judging is our national hobby:

Oof, gender roles!

Kuch toh loug kaheinge:

This is so important, education >> marriage:

Some pointed out how co-education was something that needed to be made compulsory till 8th grade:


Hell yes!

Big, fat and unnecessary!

Some had their reservations on the joint family system:

What’s something that you are personally against? Let us know in the comments below!

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