Hareem Shah denies having any Twitter account after someone posted Shaheen Afridi’s inappropriate video

We’ve had a rough week on Twitter lately, from the Fortuner on Islamabad Highway to Rabi Pirzada and now Shaheen Afridi and Hareem Shah.

Someone on Twitter claiming to be Hareem Shah, a popular tik tok star, tweeted out that they were going to expose a cricketer for inappropriate behaviour on video call, and while the tweet did get a lot of attention people just didn’t think that the account would actually post the video. The account which has now been suspended, posted a video of the cricketer Shaheen Afridi flashing his privates:

The account also tweeted that politicians were next on their list:

And within no time, the hashtags #ShaheenAfridi and #HareemShah were trending on Twitter:

But here’s where it gets interesting, in a video Hareem Shah and her fellow tiktok star Sandal Khattak confirmed that they do not use Twitter or Facebook and that the accounts on both the platforms are fake!

Which left the internet confused and in despair!

People were curious why the audio was muted:

It was time to leave the planet for many:

Some did a little digging on their own:

Many gave advice on how men and women should trust no one:

Some came forward to remind people how posting inappropriate content online is a crime:

Sounds apt at the amount of people being exposed:

Many wanted the people exposing others to be held accountable:

Everyone’s just as confused!

People were bashing Shaheen Afridi:

Some were convinced that both Hareem and Shaheen were equally responsible:

Some thought this was a defamation campaign against Shaheen Afridi:

Some thought the guy wasn’t Shaheen Afridi at all:

Lougon ko apni fikar ho gayi:

People were actually scared:

And while many were having a kick out of other people’s miseries, there were a few who were ashamed:

Everyone needs to act responsibly:

And to add to the drama, came Waqar Zaka, who also claims to have a video of a cricketer being inappropriate on video:

What do you think about this confusing situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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