Hania Aamir Faces Backlash For Her Engagement Prank!

Hania Aamir, in an attempt to fool her fans, posted a mysterious photo to her stories which seemed like an engagement announcement.

Her friends too played along and congratulated her revealing that she was engaged to musician Shamoon Ismail:

But it seems as if she’d underestimated her fans because literally no one was buying it except a handful!

Fans tweeted out their reactions:

People found her prank to be very obvious:

People weren’t too amused!

People were calling it one of the worst pranks they’d ever seen:

People were quick to call her an attention seeker:

People had questions:

People wanted her to ‘grow up:’

There were memes!

Hahaha 😂

Wah wah wah wah!

People thought that her agency was running out of ideas to keep her relevant:

And while people were calling her out, her fans quickly came to defend her:


Makes sense!

We’re wondering the same!

What did you think of Hania’s prank? And do you think the backlash she’s getting is justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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