Girls from opposing team coming to protect a hijabi player is all you need to see today

In a World where Islamophobia is at its peak, you don’t see supportive people everyday, but today you will! In a football game, a hijabi player’s hijab was on the verge of coming off, revealing her hair in front of the audience but the girls from the opposing team came to her rescue and huddled around her as she fixed it:

This heartwarming gesture was shared on Twitter and has gone viral since then. People are lauding the girls for respecting her hijab:

It sure is 💓

Absolutely first class!

Who run the world? Girls!

People were moved by the gesture:

People were sending their respects to the girls:

Even people from across the border were living for the gesture:

White people privilege:

Just helping a sister out:


People also stood up for the hijabi football player who was getting hate for wearing hijab:

And while people were busy mocking her, many came to her defence:

Some, despite having their reservations about hijab, was all praise for the girls:

Us too!

People were appalled at the notion of covering up, but were given great explanations:

People were all about unity and diversity:

And while there were a few questions raised,

They were answered aptly:

What do you think about this sweet gesture? Let us know in the comments below!

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