girl was abducted in Karachi and desi men just can’t stop victim blaming

A girl named Dua Mangi was out with a friend Haris when 4 armed men kidnapped her and shot her friend 6 times as he came to stop them. The news along with the profile and pictures of the girl has been making rounds on social media as friends and family are desperately looking for information:

And while many are upset and scared at the sad state of affairs, some desi men think she deserved it and have made the most vile remarks under the posts:

People were shocked at the comments coming from men at such positions:

Beyond disgusting:

Umm, what even?

Empathy what?

Not sure who raised these men:

Trying to find the logic here:

Many were furious at the comments:


There’s a dire need for us to improve as a nation:

“What was she wearing? She invited the kidnappers:”


Some were appalled at the media being silent:

“Not all men are trash:”

We hope so too!

Absolutely true!


Judging others is our national hobby:

A man actually argued that the kafan may have been too tight, so…

People were scared:

When will people stop victim blaming?

Desi society in a nutshell:

What do you think about the vile comments people have been making? Let us know in the comments below. Hoping the girl returns home safely!

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