From A Humble Food Stall To A Cafe, This Man’s Journey Is Pakistan’s New Favourite Success Story!

If you’re feeling a little de-motivated, we’ve got just the thing you need to read today. A guy on Twitter shares his journey from starting with a stall to now finally opening his own food place:

He shared how he started with a very basic setup:

Even though the resources were limited, his passion drove him to struggle every day:

He had big dreams:

And today he’s finally achieved his goal:

And the netizens are so proud of him!

His story inspired many to follow their dream:


People were sending prayers his way:

People had suggestions:

People were so happy to see him get what he deserved:

People were calling it a real success story:

His story gave people the much-needed dose of motivation:


People found the thread wholesome:

It does:

Spot on!

His story became a source of giving renewed hope to others:

His story reminded people of a movie:


For those wanting to visit, the cafe is at G8 Markaz and we wish the man all the very best for his venture! What do you think about this guy’s story? Let us know in the comments below!

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