Churails Banned For The Pakistani Audience & People Are Sick Of The Ban Culture!

Churails changed the cinematic narrative in Pakistan with a spectacular start after it first released. People all over the country loved it for its raw and unfiltered storyline that many found themselves relating to.


And while the applause kept pouring in, there were people who just couldn’t stand the series. After numerous complaints to PEMRA and other authorities, Zee5 took down the web-series as confirmed by Asim Abbasi:


Asim took to Twitter to share his disappointed he was at the artistic freedom being squashed:


He also shared that this action was a victory for all the misogynists and a loss for everyone involved:


And people had a lot to say!


Actress Mansha Pasha had her reservations:


Journalist Haroon Rashid was left disappointed:


Comedian Shehzad Ghias called the country ‘ban-istan:’

Banistan is back. Churails has been banned in Pakistan.

A few weeks back we were discussing why Netflix doesn’t come…

Posted by Shehzad Ghias Shaikh on Wednesday, October 7, 2020


About time we discard the ban culture:


The country is definitely on a banning spree:


People were disappointed at thought provoking content being banned over and over again:


People were pointing out the hypocrisy:


Some thought we deserved trash like MPTH:


Film-makers in the making found it disheartening:


Many felt that the people who had gotten it banned saw a reflection of themselves in the series:


Even the critiques who weren’t impressed disapproved of the ban:


People were losing faith:






People had questions:


People were heartbroken:


Kya keh saktay hain…


People were appalled at how all the misogynists felt threatened by a show:


People were feeling all sorts of ways:


Hypocrisy at it’s best:


Frail egos:


What do you think about the ban? Let us know in the comments below!

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