Frequent & Long Power Outages Have The Karachiites Furious!

As Karachi witnesses one of the hottest summers, power outages have been more frequent and longer for the citizens, with some areas experiencing load shedding for 5-6 hours almost daily in the name of ‘technical faults.’

With the weather so humid and hot, the unannounced outages have the citizens furious, various protests were held today against this injustice, and the internet has lots to add to the issue!

People were asking if Karachi was even owned by someone:

People were also furious at the overbilling:

People were very angry!

People were also complaining at the odd hour loadsheddings:


People wanted answers!

Some were fuming!

People were sick of the same replies:

Some have been wanting to file a case against them:

People from middle class were worried:

People were furious at their customer service:

Some were asking where the Sindh government was:

People were done with the games:

What do you think about this shortfall? Let us know in the comments below!

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