Fixing Makeup Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but some may cost us 20 minutes of that perfectly blended eye shadow, and IT SUCKS! Here’s how you can correct your makeup mistakes in no time without ruining the rest of your artistry.

Eye Liner

I personally like going in with a brown pencil lightly to map out the liner and make sure both the eyes are evenly done. And then trace over it with black liner. However if you’ve messed up the outer wings, you can always erase the mistakes with some micellar water and a cotton bud and start again. You can also go in with some concealer on a small brush and erase the sloppy and crooked wing.

Eye Liner Transferring

If you find your eye liner transferring onto the lower lash line after you’ve tight-lined, take a cotton bud and run it over your water liner to erase any darkness. Mascara on the lid and nose

We’ve all been there, let the mascara dry and scrape it off with a cotton bud. If this doesn’t work then take your concealer brush with no extra product and run over the smeared areas.

Mascara/liner on eye makeup

If your liner has transferred onto your eye shadow, let it dry down completely before you go in to fix it. Once dry, take a clean cotton bud and try to scrape it away, if it doesn’t work then take some makeup remover and remove the liner carefully. It’ll also remove the makeup underneath it, so make sure you take some shadow and build the intensity.

Crooked lipline

It’s always a good idea to start with a light hand when it comes to lining the lips, however, if you still find that your line doesn’t look as neat and crisp as you’d want it to be. Go in with a tiny amount of concealer to clean the edges.

Clown Cheeks


If you find that you’ve given yourself clown cheeks, take your foundation brush (with no extra product) and dab it over the areas you want to tone down. You can do this with a tinted powder as well.

Stripe of chunky highlighter


Honey, we all like to glow but walking out with a metallic strip of your highlighter is not a good look, trust me! When you think you’ve got way too much glow going on, take your beauty sponge and dab it on the highlighter to make it look one with the skin and blend away the harsh edges.

Contour too dark

If you’ve blended out your contour into a big mess you can always clean it up by baking with a powder or going over with a little bit of foundation to clean the darkness away.

Muddy bronzer

Yeah, not a good look. You can always go over with your foundation brush or a a tinted powder to take away from the muddiness.

Sharpie Eye Brows

Happens to the best of us too… In situations like these you can actually take a tissue and try wiping of some of the product carefully. You can also brush your brows with a light coloured powder to take away from the harshness.

Creamy Concealer that won’t stop moving

Do you find your concealer moving throughout the day eve after you’ve set it with powder? Try baking: generously apply loose powder under the eyes and let it bake for 4 to 5 minutes and then brush the excess powder away. You can also bake your nose, chin or areas that you find the product moves around on a lot.

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