Fayyaz Chohan thinks disabled children are Allah ka ‘AZAAB’ and Pakistanis are fuming!

In trying times like these, people are confused, scared and stressed to say the least. In a press conference regarding a briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan really crossed the line after he called people with disabilities Allah’s azaab on the parents for their wrongdoings.

And people were baffled at his insensitive comments!

People were praying to cure his insensitivity:

Muniba Mazari was downright disgusted:

Some wanted him to stop worrying about the disabled children:

Many were sharing how the specially abled people in their lives helped them raise awareness for others:

Many were calling him out on his sick mentality:

Repeat after us: physical disability is not a curse!

The Human Rights Comission of Pakistan expressed their shock at the comments:

People were adamant that he resigns:

Shireen Mazari too shared how his statement was unforgivable:

Singer Haroon also took to Twitter to share his disappointment:

People were furious!

I mean…

People wanted him to be sacked, and that too asap!

Shots were fired!

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain too corrected him:

This mindset needs to change!

People found it absolutely ridiculous!

They are PEOPLE and that’s all they should be labelled as:

Some thought he had lost his senses:

People were appalled:

Some had legit questions:

Some offered suggestions:

Some were hopeless:

And while Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan issued an apology later, sentiments were hurt beyond measure:

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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