#FawadAlamExposed is trending on top in Pakistan and it’s not what you think!

Last couple of weeks have been absolutely ground breaking. From Ukhano to Mohsin Abbas Haider to Imam ul Haq, the revelations have had the internet shook! And amidst this exposing trend, people at twitter came out with the hashtag #FawadAlamExposed


The first time we saw the hashtag trending, our hearts did skip a beat but when we explored the hashtag we were relieved! The hashtag has been all about exposing the greatness of Fawad Alam on the pitch. People have been questioning PCB’s decision for not selecting Fawad Alam in the team:


People were shook!


Time’s up!


Pictures were leaked!




Achievements were exposed, one after another!


Uff, dara hi diya!


Personal data was leaked, his twitter bio for instance 😂


People were exposing his talents:


An all rounder!


People were wanting Fawad Alam on the team:


The angry cricket guy made an appearance:


Tips on stamina were shared 👀


Comparisons were made:


People were just as shocked to see the hashtag trending:


Reactions were shared:


The cat is us!


Many agreed to using social media platforms for this cause:


And while many were loving the trend, some thought it’s a bad way to promote him:


What do you think about this unusual trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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