Faisal Qureshi thinks people shouldn’t post pictures when helping the needy & the internet agrees!

As the lockdown continues country-wide, several labourers have been struggling to make ends meet with their extremely limited resources and in this hour of need, people from all walks of life have been generously donating and helping the poor in forms of monetary and ration needs.

And while this kind gesture is commendable, many people have reservations about posting this whole act of charity to social media including Faysal Qureshi who voiced the concerns of many through his tweet:

And people actually stood by him and what he had to say:

Cricketer Mohammad Amir hoped that people understand the message:

Actress Zarnish Khan was on board too!

People were mentioning ahadith to support the statement:

People wanted it to stop already:

Many were urging others to stop humiliating the needy:

People absolutely agreed:

Some thought it was for the display of swag and ego:

Many deemed it to be disrespectful:


People were sending prayers to others:

Some felt that they were only helping others for fame:



Some shared how it takes away from the ajar:

People were appreciating him for actually speaking out against this show off:


Some blamed it all on celebrities:

People were also quoting what the Quran says:

Some had a midway solution:

Some begged to differ:

Some were actually thanking him for the tweet:

Do you agree with what Faysal Qureshi has to say? Let us know in the comments below!

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