Fahad Mustafa’s Take On Harassment Cases Has People Feeling All Sorts Of Ways!

Coming from a society where women face slack for reporting harassment, Fahad Mustafa’s new drama series #Dunk has raised a lot of questions.

With the plot portraying the other end of the story i.e cases of false accusations, people have been criticising the drama for undermining and dismissing the bigger percentage of cases where the harassment claims actually stand true.

To address these concerns, Fahad Mustafa took to a recent interview where he shared that people should be shown ‘all kinds of stories:’

His comments resonated with a few people:

People were calling it a need of the hour:

People wanted all sides to be shown:

While he did have a few people agree with him, a vast majority of people found his take to be straight up tone deaf:

People had questions:

People found his stance to be poor:

People found his comments siding with the harassers:

People were furious!

People were left disappointed:

Not at all!

Spot on!

People were calling it a publicity tactic:


People were calling him an apologist!

People were just not having it!

And then they ask us why women feel the need to march…

People just couldn’t wrap their head around his logic:

What do you think about Fahad Mustafa’s stance? Let us know in the comments below!

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