Excitement at its peak as Paksitan prepares to play with India tomorrow!

As the World Cup moves forward, we are now looking at one of the most exciting matches of the tournament that will take place between Pakistan and India tomorrow. When it comes to cricket between the two countries, its rivalry!

Even though the match will be taking place tomorrow, the hashtag #PakvsInd has been trending on number 1 since the past 3 days, THAT’S HOW EXCITED THE FANS ARE!

Muhammad Amir thanked the fans for their immense love and support:

Even Shoaib Akhtar thinks rain will take over!

Many are afraid of the weather forecast for tomorrow, including us!

PC to the rescue!


Some are still convinced that this World Cup is the same as that of 1992…

While the others are looking at them like:

Fans are ready with their jerseys and flag!

Many are praying for rain

Many did not want to get their hopes high, because of #PakvsAus

Many want this guy in the audience, again!

ICC not coming slow with the match date:

So much more than just a match!

The heat is actually on, even literally if you’re in Karachi!


And then we have Gayle, a favorite across both borders, playing it safe!

And then we had Junaid Akram, raising important questions!

Let’s hope that Pakistan wins the match on Sunday and proves that we’re the real deal! GO GREEEEEN!

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